Learning technology Services

Learning technology services

  • Learning Consultancy: With the aid of digital technologies, cutting-edge analytics, and our wealth of expertise and knowledge, we can improve your value offer and give you a competitive edge. Businesses need solutions that are scalable and adaptable as they grow. By utilizing agile methodologies and industry-specific SMEs, we provide your company with flexible growth support. Ranging from simple customizations to outright software development that perfectly syncs with your vision, AFI Digital takes the onus to deliver it all.
  • Manage services: In order to meet organizational objectives, we can arrange both permanent and temporary personnel solutions thanks to our extensive industry knowledge. For every size of demand, we are able to offer the right offshore, onshore, and outsourced staff. We assist our clients in finding and implementing the appropirate personnel and solutions for their businesses.
  • Technology Services:
    We can provide technological solutions that connect various platforms, data, and applications.
    Integrate with Award-Winning Content Delivery Platform AFI DIGITAL.
    Use our adaptable and user-friendly content distribution technology, which securely distributes material across devices, to create a consistent learning experience that improves learning outcomes. The platform may incorporate any type of information, including simulations, audio and video files, and films with gamification. For additional information, browse our digital content options.
  • We provide a limited range of learning technology services to handle many of the customer's planned and unforeseen needs. These services consist of managing learning technology, delivering third-party programs, delivering proprietary training programs, and developing content.