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AFI services make content. We design, capture, convert, and enrich it. We repurpose it, manage it, and make it discoverable. We build and support the technology and workflows that move your content across your entire organization and to promote quickly and effectively.


Publishers, enterprises, and educational institutions can benefit from our future-proof digital solutions. We develop specialized solutions for every business need using top-tier technology and software infrastructure. Our goal is to give users a full experience using the latest technology, and we make sure that all of our digital products and services meet the highest standards.

01. eLearning & Training Solutions

Rich learning experiences are produced through our eLearning and training solutions. Our solutions include dynamic content, rich media, and ways for learners to use what they've learned.

02. LMS & LCMS Administration

We let organizations manage eLearning content, plan and schedule sessions, manage users and groups, report on training and certification, test courses, put together evaluations, and keep track of progress reports.

03. Video & Animation

We develop video- and animation-based solutions for impactful learning. They can be used as standalone programs, follow-up programs, or even as performance support solutions.


Work Process

At AFI, we have taken the knowledge of our Professional Services team and the experience we've gained from helping millions of learners and put them together. This gives you a fail-safe design framework for creating and delivering successful digital learning. We call it 5C's Framework.

Capture - start with a clear plan

The first step of the 5C Framework helps you shape the problem so that you can shape the solution. To put your project up for success, we need a plan, right from the outset, that gives clarity on the audience's needs, desired objectives, and potential barriers.

Conceptualize - lead with a prototype

Before delving into the details, the next phase in the 5C Framework is to explore and test the big ideas. Make a quick prototype to test the appearance, logic, and techniques your learning experience will employ. Team up for a common goal.

Create - build with confidence

The third "C" is a step where we start working on your project. We don't begin constructing your project in your authoring platform until you have a strategy and a distinct design concept.

Cultivate - improve and refine

The fourth "C" is a crucial component. The top learning experts use data to enhance initiatives and guide future strategy. Use data dashboards to determine where your content needs to be changed to increase engagement.

Commercialize - deliver better ROI

Making sure your product works for your business is the focus of the fourth C. This is crucial, whether you're launching your product or just trying to increase the return on investment for digital learning.


What’s Happening


Why Learning Management System is Very Useful Nowadays?

A learning management system is a web-based program that enables educational institutions and businesses to offer instructional materials and content to the intended beneficiaries. It is a productive and flexible approach for professionals in the field and teachers to create, manage, and deliver their content. It also allows them to track student involvement and evaluate performance.


Why Animated Video is Important for Education?

Videos are the most effective methods for enabling educational and other types of organizations to achieve this aim. This is because they are the most effective way to get difficult information across in a way that people will remember. Videos are excellent for engaging viewers. Animated explainer films make it easy to get the right information across to all viewers by using interesting stories and snappy language.


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