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Storyboard Services

Storyboard is the first thing checked on the list in all animation services. Why? Because it's the most beneficial tool in transcribing the idea of either screenwriters or Clients into the picture. It makes a world of distinction to have a drawn out script, see the movement and characters. There are a lot of storyboard type being made at AFI; Animatics, shooting boards, stilomatics. We're making storyboards to assemble our collection of thoughts translated to drawings. We use these translations in the advertisement, motion design, movies, games, education and many other industries. That's how useful they are.


An animatic is a twine of storyboard images edited together with sound to illustrate how a sequence will flow in motion. It’s a next-level technique after storyboarding. They aren't always compulsory, but they do provide a fuller sense of what the finished project will look like.

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AFI Digital Services is a top 2D animation with an experienced team of designers, animators, visual artists, script and content writers, video producers, and several others congregated together for setting up a one-stop destination for envisioning your idea. Our creation team contains over 30 brilliant experts with more than 10 years of animation experience.

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